This intimate elopement wedding with the 20′s Hollywood theme took place in Old Quebec,  a city which I can photograph endlessly due to it’s gorgeous architecture and European charm. Their children and parents were the only guests.  First half of the day took place at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel where most of the photographs were captured.  After the candlelit ceremony at Quartier Petit Champlain the dinner was held at .  Isabelle Radford and her team who specialize in elopements, planned the whole wedding and gorgeously decorated the ceremony. I took some of these wedding photographs  during our short walk from Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel to the Parc Felix-Leclerc,  a small park where the actual ceremony was held.




Please check a few images from one of recent weddings I photographed in Toronto.   As with many Armenian weddings the day started with a lot of dancing, hugs, kisses and a few Armenian wedding traditions. After that, all the guests joined bride and groom at St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church for their ceremony.

Due to the weather conditions ( it was a winter wedding ),  we could not stay outside for too long  and for the most part all the photographs with bride and groom along with the bridal party were taken at Fairmont Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto.
The story of the day continued at the Venetian Banquet Hall with more dancing and other activities.
During the reception we also had a privilege to watch a short performance of a really amazing and famous Armenian singer Ruben Matevosyan, which mesmerized every guest with his talent.
Toronto Wedding



Armenian traditional morning dances


New York armenian wedding


Armenian wedding photography in Toronto


Bridal portrait at home


Armenian wedding traditional dancing


Los Angeles California Armenian church wedding New York photographers


St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic church 45 Hallcrown Place M2J4Y4 Toronto wedding


St Marry's Armenian church wedding Toronto


Toronto winter wedding photos


Armenian wedding New York NY


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Royal York hotel wedding - Fairmont


Royal York hotel wedding reception Toronto


Fairmont hotel wedding


Toronto wedding photographer


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Ruben Matevosyan performing at an armenian wedding in  Toronto 2013



Venetian Banquet reception wedding in Toronto Canada -  Roupen Matevossian, Ruben Matevosyan









I recently came back from a photography trip where I visited Uganda and a small part of Rwanda.  It took me a long time to pick the country to visit and I almost ended up going to Philippines. Thank God I didn’t, because it was during the time when the typhoon hit the islands. Eventually I decided to come back to Africa and chose Uganda. Many years ago I watched a movie called Gorillas In The Mist and since then mountain gorillas were on my bucket list to see and photograph.  My flight back home was via Juba, Sudan, but I changed it last minute due to a hunch – I was able to avoid the conflict that happened there during at the time of my flight back.
People in Uganda are generally pretty warm and inviting.  Although many cannot speak English well,  it is impossible not to notice how sincere their smiles are.  This was definitely one of those trips which is going to have a special place in my memory.  After returning back home from trips like this I always evaluate my life and priorities.  It is so nice to see how people in these poor African countries can find happiness in such simple things and they do not need to surround themselves with luxury “toys”. Below you can find a few photographs of people,  beautiful nature, amazing scenery and of course wild animals. I’ve also made notes bellow some images to further explain what is being shown.

Uganda woman  portrait

A portrait of woman is sitting near her house and cleaning rice. She then will sell the rice along with few other items and use the money to buy a whole chicken. Meat is expensive and most people only eat it during holidays. Christmas is coming and a lot of people in Uganda buy meat(goat or chicken) for the Christmas dinner. Sometimes a purchase is split between a few families if none of them can afford to buy it on their own.

landscape picture africa Uganda fields

90% of Uganda is located  900-2,000meters above sea level. This particular region is above 2,000 meters. You can see how all of the land including slopes that exceed 60 degrees(!!) in some areas are covered by small farm lands. First, the owner of the land has to walk many miles to reach it and then climb up or down to get to the small piece of land they own.

Portrait of a women working on her farm in Uganda

Early morning sunrise. I took this portrait of a woman who walked 2 hours from her village to reach a small piece of land she owns in the region I described above. She will work until evening and then head back home.

Amazing portraits of people in Uganda Africa

Saw this woman sitting near her house as I was exploring her village and I just had to approach and take a photograph.

kid playing with soccer ball uganda

A boy in a mountainous village is playing with a ball made from plastic bags and he is really good at it for his age. I can really see him playing the big league in the future if he continues advancing and finds a way to try out.

Boy playing soccer while looking after the cattle. They received this ball from a tourist.

soccer in Uganda

I am trying to catch some action of boys playing soccer while they are looking after the cattle.

portrait photography

This portrait was taken near a main road. This man came here in hopes to sell bananas and plantains he grew on his farm.
I have to mention, surprisingly, bananas we get here in Canada are sweeter than the ones in Uganda. I absolutely loved tomatoes there though. They are extremely tasty and flavorful.

Police officer Uganda

Police Officer.

old man portrait in a village

Trying to explore another village deep in the mountains.
I brought a few small gifts for him and it was heartbreaking to see tears in his eyes as he could not understand why I am doing it. I had no guide to translate and he didn’t speak any English.

portrait photographer | elder woman in a village

Another fascinating portrait. This woman was really shy and took a while to adjust her head piece and clothing in order to look beautiful. I think she is absolutely beautiful and angelic

family portrait Uganda

This family portrait was taken not far from Kabale city. Kids didn’t really understand why they had to stand and look at the camera :)

woman sitting inside her house in Uganda

I was invited by this woman to share a lunch with her at the house. He husband died not too long ago and was left alone with 6 kids. She makes money by selling jewelery, raising cattle and farming. He eldest sun is 17 and youngest daughter is 4. They all help her. The lunch was very tasty. We had sweet potatoes, ugali, roasted cabbage and peanut porridge.

bar in uganda

a man is sitting near a bar. What you see here is an empty bar. There’s nobody here as it is an early morning. In the evening this bar will be full. Bars tend to produce their own alcoholic drinks and the most popular is Banana Gin.
Banana Gin is believed to cure early stages of Malaria. I’ve met people who told me they were cured from Malaria by this method.

journalism kids africa

A few dozen kids sing and dance

kids in africa smile

Kids singing and dancing. They seemed to genuinely enjoy what they were doing.

pineapple vendor africa

I arrive to Kabale late in the afternoon before going to see gorillas in the morning.

portrait, boy

Don’t he look like a young version of Cuba Junior or Denzel Washington? :)

kids in uganda

cow boy rwandian ladies

sunrise africa uganda

Really early morning, sunrise and I am heading to see mountain gorillas. We’ve been driving for more than an hour to start gorilla tracking. There are appx only 800 mountain gorillas left in the world. There are none in zoos as they don’t survive in captivity.

uganda gorilla tracking

After about an hour of tracking, we finally find a family of gorillas. Permits that cost $600US allow only an hour per day to be spent with a family.
I got very lucky as this family was friendly and allowed to be very close. One adult gorilla walked so close, it touched my hand.

gorilla portrait uganda

A portrait of an adult male gorilla. He is really big and it is a bit scary to be so close and see him stare.

baby gorilla

This one is really small. Probably the size of a large cat :)

landscape picture  of uganda lake bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi
Located 1950 meters above sea level! It’s absolutely beautiful

gorilla pictures

rwanda lake bunyonyi sunset image

Lake Bunyonyi



Rwanda, walking towards Batwa people village( also called pygmies or bushmen)

rwanda bushmen, batwa tribe uganda and rwanda

After a really long trek, I finally reached Bushmen tribe.
They have no land of their own as they were kicked out from the forest they lived in by the government a number of years ago and now have to rent a piece of land from a person who wants them out. With absolutely no social assistance or any support from the government, they are trying to survive in any way they can. Most can’t afford to buy shoes and forced to walk around barefoot. In the rocky areas they live, it is not comfortable and often painful.
There are many similar tribal villages in Uganda and Rwanda and many partially rely on help from NGOs in order to survive or improve their living conditions.

Bellow are a few images of this tribe

Batwa tribe Uganda RwandaBatwa pygmies tribe Rwandarwanda bushmen tribe boybushmen tribebushemen triberwanda africa portrait in uganda of woman

He are a few wildlife images from Uganda:


This little baby is learning to walk :)

portrait of elephant

vegetarian crocodile

This crocodile is vegetarian :) I was surprised to hear it,but I observed many birds and animals walking around it without being harmed. I’ve heard similar stories when I was in Asia as well. When a lone crocodile is raised among other animals it can treat them as family.

ugandian elephants elephants uganda african safari cute


Beautiful wedding I captured for Melissa and Adam.
The ceremony was held at St Paul’s Basilica, a truly gorgeous location. After a few pictures around Toronto we drove to the Copper Creek Golf Club where the fun continued with the Old Hollywood styled setting.

Per Lu tuxedo suit

Ines Di Santo Dress

monique lhuillier wedding bridesmaid dress

Iness Di Santo Wedding Dress

The Rendevouz Group Limousine limo

St Pauls Basilica wedding ceremony

St Paul Basilica Cathedral Wedding

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Copper Creek Golf Club reception

Copper Creek Kleinburg weddingCopper Creek Golf Club wedding reception

Frank Campanile Frank Sinatra impersonator band Toronto

wedding fireworks at Copper Creek Golf Club wedding


A while back I went camping to the Bruce Peninsula National Park near a little town of Tobermory on Georgian Bay.  Bruce Peninsula is also known for the Sauble Beach, which was named as one of the best 5 beaches in Canada.  When I return home I thought how amazing it would be if I had a chance to take one of my couples there for a session. 2 months later I received an email from Jen who was just happen to want her wedding photographs taken in Bruce Peninsula.  I’d really like to think I was able to send a telepathic message across Canada and bring that couple to me, but for unknown reason I just could not replicate that with a few other gorgeous places I have in mind :)

It’s a really magnificent place where you could spend hours and hours walking and taking photographs in the forest and along the coastline.  It’s a place where every photo you take turns out to be of epic proportions :)
Having 2 adventurous clients who were willing to do anything like go into the really cold water or climb up some really dangerous hills, in order to get the best photographs possible was just incredible!

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the day.

Dmitri Markine Wedding Photography


Tobermory Wedding


Wedding Photographer Bruce Peninsula


Wedding Photography Tobermory Bruce Peninsula National Park


Photographer Toronto


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Best Wedding Photographer Toronto






trash the dress session Canada




Wedding Toronto


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Holland Marsh Winery was a beautiful location which brought together this wonderful couple and their family and friends, on a gorgeous sunny day.

For some reason wineries aren’t very popular and I really hope these photographs will persuade more and more couples to consider them as their wedding venues.


“Marriage is like a good wine, with time only gets better and better”   – Old English Toast   :)




Getting Ready Bride



Dmitri Photographer Canada


Getting Ready


luxury-cars-wedding events first look. They met on the day of the wedding before the ceremony.


Wedding at Holland Marsh Winnery 18270 Keele St. Newmarket ON l3Y4V9 venue banquet hall, reception hey stacks photoshoot creative unique


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Outside Ceremony Locations places venues Toronto Ontario


Ceremony at Holland Marsh Winery, Ontario.


Toronto Wedding Photographers  for engagements and weddings in Toronto Ontario. Best wedding photographers can always produce consistent images at every wedding and with 100s of events behind them, you can trust them with capturing one of the most important celebrations of your life.  Please consider a Winery around Toronto as your next event venue.


Winery Ontario Wedding


Holland Marsh Winery Wedding


Journalistic Photography



Going through the history of my blog posts I found a wedding that for some reason just didn’t get published and has been sitting in Drafts for a while.

This awesome Russian and Armenian couple from Buffalo, New York got married at Hellenic Orthodox Church and then held their reception at Connecticut Street Armory – a huge castle-like building built in 19th century. I was actually surprised how photographically beautiful Buffalo is.

Some of the images with the couple were taken at a farm where we had to stop in order to wait for new wedding party bus( it’s amazing how you can’t plan for everything). The owners of the farm were beyond nice,letting us roam around and even moved a few pieces of equipment.

I’ll let the images speak how great this wedding was:



buffalo nywedding make-up


Armenian Wedding New York

Armenian wedding traditions

Cathedral Church Buffalo New York Wedding

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About 5 months ago I was flown to Atlanta, Georgia to photograph a gorgeous 4-day Ismaili wedding.
As with all multi-day Indian weddings, there were a lot of cultural ceremonies, great variety of beautiful and colorful Indian outfits for the bride and groom, and hours of dancing for hundreds of guests.
The main wedding day was held at a luxury JW Marriott.

With the fast paced schedule, most of the wedding was covered in the journalistic approach, but I was happy when I got a chance to spend about 40 minutes with the couple,taking creative pictures around JW Marriott.
It was my first time photographing a wedding in Atlanta, GA and everyone I met was very welcoming and friendly. Apart from the bride and groom’s family and friends, at every gas station,restaurant and convenience store, locals would initiate a conversation that sometime would continue for 5-10 minutes. At one gas station I gathered around 20 people as they were all inspecting our new Canadian bills and chatting about our cold winter months :).  Extra thanks to Atlanta’s Envi Event Planning team for keeping me informed every step of the way.
Bellow are some photographs from the whole event. With about 1200 gorgeous images from 4 days I’ve attempted to pick only 100 for this blog post. I am hoping they would be able to tell the wedding story of this beautiful couple, their culture and traditions in the best way possible.


Mendhi (Mendi) picturesoccasions banquet hall Atlanta
Indian Wedding Occasions Banquet Hall
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Atlanta Gwinnett Place Marriott wedding

Wedding Reception at Gwinnett Place Marriott

Egging Varmala Indian Weddings traditions punjabi rituals

Indian Wedding Piti Atlanta GA

Marriott Hotels Wedding Reception Atlanta

Atlanta GA marriott gwinnett place wedding reception

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Not sure where to begin. I spent a few weeks in Morocco, Africa back in December 2012-January 2013. On my 3rd day there I caught an infection which later grew into bronchitis. I was in a lot of pain and there were days when I had no energy to even hold 1 of my smallest cameras. Thankfully antibiotics did the work (eventually, when I was able to visit a hospital to see what’s happening) and I am fully recovered now.

It was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

During the day it’s pretty warm there with about 16-21C,but the temperature would get down to about +4C at night and in some areas I’ve had to experience -5C while having no heat. Electricity and hot water seems like an expensive commodity in rural areas and not many people have constant access to it. Luckily, winter does not last long and during the summer the temperature is extremely hot 24/7.  Although I can’t really comment on summer food, in the winter, meats such as chicken,beef and lamb are very popular,along with tajine, rice,olives,vegetable soup,couscous and bread. Areas near the ocean tend to consume more seafood.  I loved the lamb kabobs! I am not sure why,but it doesn’t have that pungent taste and smell. It’s extremely delicious! Mint tea and coffee are very popular drinks and unlike coffee shops in other countries, they are served in very tiny cups. Prices for a cup of coffee or tea ranges from about 0.30 cents to a more common ~$1-1.30 ,even for locals. Definitely not cheap.

As in some other countries, photography is very difficult as nobody in general likes to have their photo taken. Women and girls usually quickly cover their face as soon as they even see a camera.

I have here almost all the pictures I was able to take.  There’s a bit more information provided under certain images with more explanation.



Dmitri Markine


Best photographer


Meknes ruinsMeknes,Morocco




Nomads Morocco Africa

Nomad Woman is standing inside her home.

Nomad GirlNomad girl


Fine Art Gallery Toronto



Meknes, MoroccoStreets of Meknes


Star ClustersNight skies  with star clusters I captured in Sahara Desert at around 10pm. It was beautiful!!


Toronto best photographersStreets of Fez



Famous photographers Toronto



Fez, MoroccoFez, birds-view of the rooftops.



Tannery in FezTannery in Fez. This is where they dye leather products you find at markets in the country. Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well and when you bend say a leather belt, it leaves a permanent mark.




Fez TanneryMen working at a Tannery in Fez. It’s located in the Old Medina


Berber Tribe, Atlas MountainsBerber Tribe. Mother with her child. Photo was taking in Atlas Mountains at about 8000 feet above sea level


Fez medina



Toronto best family photographers




professional photo studio



Best wildlife photographers



Forrest in MoroccoAmazing view,including 100s of baboons @ 6,000 feet above sea level








Best journalists




Toronto Family photographer








Toronto Family photographers


Street food is delicious. I took a picture of a man cooking my lamb kabobs ($3 for a meal)


School playground MoroccoKids are playing at school’s playground… I found it very creative,considering there are no other toys available.


Morocco schoolPhoto of the classroom


Toronto Portrait photographers


Sahara desertSahara Desert


Sahara Desert SunriseSahara Desert Sunrise.I woke up  at 6am in my cold tent with a fever and headache,but could not pass an opportunity to see the beautiful Sahara Desert sunrise


Sahara Camels


Morocco Mountains


Goat climbing argan trees MoroccoGoats on a Argan tree. Believe it or not it’s a popular thing to see in Morocco.  Goats climb the tree in search of the seeds. Wait,there’s more!

Some locals collect the droppings and press Argan oil from them,which is either consumed internally or used as external medicine

Headshot photography TorontoFarmer,Morocco

best of photography


Real Essaouira,MoroccoEssaouira,Morocco


Streets of Morocco


photos of Morocco


Portrait photographer Toronto


Portraits of Morocco


Barber Morocco


Morocco Sweets, MarrakechSweets for sale at Marrakesh’s market. On the right is a picture of Mohammed VI, who is currently the king of Morocco. It seemed to be loved by many as pictures of them are everywhere(restaurants, houses, streets,restaurants and shops)

Marrakech Marketphoto of a market in Marrakesh.


What a great year it was!  I’ve had a chance to travel to a few countries outside of Canada and photograph so many amazing couples.  I’ve just spent a few hours looking at all the sessions  and it brought so much joy and unforgettable memories which I shared with my clients. The secret is, one of the main sources for my inspiration is past work I’ve done over the years.  Every photograph is like my baby which I love dearly.  :)
I used to show my awards and other photographic achievements and I was asked a few weeks back why I no longer do that. Hard to answer, as 2012 had been quite productive in that sense. I still put some of magazine features and covers up on my personal FB page and a few close friends know what awards I’ve received this year, but I think I came to realize that the hardest judge to please are my clients. I work extremely hard on each event and the feedback I receive back is the best award I could possibly ask for. I thank you all with all my heart and I am looking forward to another year.

I am extremely excited to see what 2013 will bring!! At this point it is already almost fully booked, with only about 4-5 spots left.  2014 is slowly starting to book up as well.

Here’s another wedding to show. It was a pleasure and fun to photograph. A session at a martian-like spot north of the city helped to get a few unique images as well,for a part of the session. The day was blessed with a lovely weather and I was  happy to be shooting outside during an emotional ceremony,which took place @ Royal Ambassador.





Every wedding is unique,even though sometimes the venues and places for photographs are the same. I always push myself to create new photographs and see things from a different perspective. As always, my clients are the ones to inspire me and push my vision higher.


downtown toronto weddings



I am delighted to show a few images from a recent engagement session I photographed with a couple not too far from Toronto.

We took an awesome looking car and a cool looking airplane and put them on the runway of the busiest non commercial airport in the country…

After we finished  with the planes, a few more photographs were taken nearby, finishing the session a bit after sunset. All that was with a few clothing changes for different themes and looks.

It was especially memorable for me  riding on the front hood on the car while it was in motion, trying to get a few photos with that perspective. Yes, it can be done in photoshop,but I much prefer to apply most “effects” in-camera :)




Toronto Engagement Photographer


Toronto Engagement Photographers


Airplane Engagement


Dmitri Markine


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These photographs are not from the actual wedding. Tony and Varuna live in Trinidad, a country mostly known for its one of a kind annual carnival. They got married a bit earlier and just wanted to have really good wedding photographs. We picked a time frame that was convenient for all of us and after 7 months of planning, I flew in for the session. It was  2.5 days of shooting,with a tiny bit of sleep in between. If I would label this experience,  I’d put it as the hardest session I’ve ever done creatively. Trying to come up with 3 days worth of creative photographs is not an easy task!!

For the first day we flew early in the morning from Trinidad to Tobago and spent a day there in various places,right until a gorgeous Caribbean sunset.  I also had a chance to try Doubles – common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. Basically it’s a flat bread with curried chick peas. Very spicy yet really tasty!

On the 2nd day Varuna and I spent a few hours on our own as Tony had a meeting to attend. We drove  around  Port of Spain,taking pictures in different (and not often safe) neighborhoods and with total strangers. Then later we drove to a horse farm. It was really strange and cool to see more than a dozen curious horses surround us as soon as we came in. After that we went to see wild buffaloes. They also were very curious and came in pretty close to us, once we started taking pictures in “their territory”.  2nd day ended late in the evening with a small family get-together  I was drinking quite a bit of coconut water  during the day. It was my first time trying it. For some reason I thought it doesn’t taste good,since previously I only tried coconut milk,which obviously is not the same as young coconut water :) .  I also learned that  coconut water has the same qualities as our blood. It was used during World War II (and even still being used in some countries today) as emergency blood plasma transfusions!!!  After I came home I spent a few weeks trying different brands of coconut water(most don’t taste very good…) and now try to drink it as much as I can as it is very delicious and refreshing. And since I avoid drinking water(don’t ask…lol), this is a perfect substitute.

On the 3rd day Varuna dressed up in a beautiful Indian sari and we took a bit more photographs around Mount Saint Benedict.

This trip was quite an experience and I can’t wait to get back to this beautiful country!!!


Here are a few of my personal favorites(out of more than 800 photographs):




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It is Tuesday, June 19th  and I figured it is about time I post something again as it’s been a while.  It’s busy as always with weddings and engagements. For newly engaged couples I’d suggest to get in touch ASAP as many 2013 dates are already taken!!

Spent the whole morning today picking up REALLY SWEET strawberries at Hutchinson Farm in Burlington, ON.  Last time I had strawberries so sweet was back home  in Russia, on my grandma’s farm. Makes me wonder what they put in those strawberries we buy at our grocery stores as they usually taste very sour or lack any sugar!


With “anything goes” attitude from this couple,and great locations inside and outside of the city, some of the images are  very unique.  Lots of great candid moment throughout the wedding day as well,with joyful tears and teary laughs…

The ceremony was at the beautiful Blessed Sacrament Church and the reception  at the Terrace Banquet Hall in Toronto. There was also an illusionist present at the reception. I believe his name is Ray Chance and he is from Toronto. He was a hit with the kids and adults, with some really cool magic tricks up his sleeve…


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With a summer-like March and a snowy April at the end of it, I think we are finally ready for the summer!!  :)


Although this wedding took place in the winter, it was shot in Mexico at Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort  so we had a really warm and (mostly) sunny weather.

It was pretty cloudy on the day of the wedding and it almost rained at the end of the day during the dinner.

After the wedding day we had 2 trash the dress sessions.  In the evening, one a day after the wedding we attempted to go and take pictures at Tulum ruins. That didn’t work  too well as it was impossible to get a permit. We ended up at a beach where we took some sunset photographs.

The next day,at sunrise, we drove to a nearby town and took more photographs. It was pretty early so there weren’t many people -just a few fishermen  around the docks.  We had some gorgeous clouds and the weather held up right to the end. It started raining as we finished our session and were walking back to our car!


PS. In case you are wondering about the masks…Those are lucha libre(Mexican wrestling) masks. It’s similar to our WWE wresting where it’s more of a theater performance than a real fighting. The only reason I know about lucha libres is because last year I watched Nacho Libre. It’s a hilarious(and stupid) comedy with Jack Black about a Mexican wrestler.  The guys had a blasts with those masks in the morning, pretending to be one of those crazy wrestlers!  :)



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