This is my new “About Me” section. For the in-depth information please go the the main website as it has 2 About Me sections that have a ton of information about my background, experience, awards and anything in between.

I’ll rewrite this one when time allows, but at this time a few random facts may be of some help 🙂


1. I’ve done well over 500 weddings

2. Love traveling. I’ve visited around 60 countries before I stopped counting

3. Love animals and all wildlife

4. Love God

5. Love photography and capture 1000s of non-wedding images every year from fashion to journalism; from baby sessions to wildlife macros( ants have very beautiful eyes!)

6.  I am married

7.  Love airplane food

8.  I collect photos of me with kids or various animals from around the Globe

9. I climbed one of pyramids of Giza in Egypt

10. I’ve rubbed shoulders with mountain gorillas in the wild.




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