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Unique African Tribes | Photo Expedition | Ethiopia

I’d like to share some pictures from my recent trip to Africa. While I visited 4 countries, most of these images bellow are from Ethiopia, as it was the main purpose of the photo expedition.  It was an amazing experience that enabled me to see some parts of the world that are not typically in the news; I was able to experience the lives of...

Wedding photography in Antarctica

Antarctic Expedition Photographs

I would like to share some photographs from my recent journey to Antarctica. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience, though I’d be happy to go back there any time.  Maybe someone soon will want to have a wedding in Antarctica…  oh those would be some of the most unique and stunning wedding photographs ever. I already envision the...

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Kenya African Photo Safari @ GAP Adventures

Join me January 2010 on an ultimate 10-day trip to Kenya.  An amazing once in a life time African photo safari experience.  Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who wants to take a few stunning images, you will love this tour and appreciate all the input and feedback from me personally. I will be one of the tour guides on...