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Unique African Tribes | Photo Expedition | Ethiopia

I’d like to share some pictures from my recent trip to Africa. While I visited 4 countries, most of these bellow images are from Ethiopia, as it was the main purpose of the expedition.  It was an amazing experience. I had no phone or internet connection for most of the trip!  At times I’d put down my camera and just immerse myself in...

Wedding photography in Antarctica

Antarctic Expedition Photographs

I would like to share some photographs from my recent journey to Antarctica. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience, though I’d be happy to go back there any time.  Maybe someone soon will want to have a wedding in Antarctica…  oh those would be some of the most unique and stunning wedding photographs ever. I already envision the...

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Kenya African Photo Safari @ GAP Adventures

Join me January 2010 on an ultimate 10-day trip to Kenya.  An amazing once in a life time African photo safari experience.  Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who wants to take a few stunning images, you will love this tour and appreciate all the input and feedback from me personally. I will be one of the tour guides on...