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This awesome Russian and Armenian couple from Buffalo, New York got married at Hellenic Orthodox Church and then held their reception at Connecticut Street Armory – a huge castle-like building built in 19th century. I was actually surprised how photographically beautiful Buffalo is.  It’s an old city and has that beautiful edge all wedding photographers just love!  Going through the history of my blog posts I found a wedding that for some reason just didn’t get published and has been sitting in Drafts for a while.

Some of the images with the couple were taken at a farm where we had to stop in order to wait for new wedding party bus( it’s amazing how you can’t plan for everything). The owners of the farm were beyond nice,letting us roam around and even moved a few pieces of equipment. We had our session there and then drove to the reception – a huge castle-looking building that takes up a whole city block and was built in 19th century.  Although Connecticut Street Armory offers its services for weddings, I believe its main purpose is still an armory for the USA National Guard( unless I am mistaken).  It is very beautiful venue from the photographer’s standpoint!

I’ll let these fun images speak how great this wedding was and fun we had. If you are also getting married and need a wedding photographer in Buffalo, please get in touch!
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Getting ready at the house

A few detail shots

buffalo nywedding make-up


Armenian Wedding New YorkArmenian Wedding New York – Morning dances

Armenian wedding traditions

Cathedral Church Buffalo New York WeddingHellenic Orthodox Church in Buffalo, NY

Best Buffalo Wedding Photographers for wedding photography in New York, Buffalo and all areas of NY area,including destination marrages in other countries and cities across the USA few images with bride and groom near the church

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Top wedding photographers in Buffalo New York

Best Buffalo USA wedding photographersA few fun pictures as well.

184 Connecticut St Buffalo NY 14213 Connecticut ArmoryBuffalo, NY wedding photography.   During our stop here were took a few cool photographs and then drove back to the venue for the reception

Best New York Wedding Photographerscreative pictures of bride and groom, NY

Russian Wedding Photographers Buffalo New-York

Connecticut Street Armory Buffalo NY

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