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This couple from Los Angeles, California fell in love with Costa Rica and its diversity. Eventually they settled on having their beach destination wedding in one of the most beautiful coastline towns – Tamarindo.  This town is known to many for its great waves and lots of people come here to surf. It’s also surrounded by a few charming beaches, some of which have been used by turtles as nesting grounds. At the evening reception we’ve actually found a few baby turtles on the beach and we all helped them to get back to the ocean( photo of one of those cuties can be found further down with the rest of the images).

The couple stayed at Diria resort, however, decided both to get ready at the Jet Luxury Resort villa and then the ceremony and reception was at one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo – Langosta Beach Club.  Lots of dancing throughout  the night, until the end of the day with a firework show.
After the wedding we all traveled to La Fortuna for a bit different scenery and although it was raining(rainy season) we still managed to get a lot of beautiful and memorable photographs in different areas near the Arenal volcano.  This was also one of the most extreme weddings I’ve captured in terms of what we had to do. With the rain, some areas were a bit slippery and we had to climb wet rocks with rushing waters at our side.  I didn’t realize all of it until I started to look through the pictures and realized how crazy it all was.  This all however, produced some of the most unique destination wedding pictures and good memories for the couple.

I’ve included a few comments near some photographs to explain the moments in more detail.
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For their ceremony they had feet washing to show love, respect and humility to each other.  I’ve never had any couples do this before and I think this is a great ceremony to have, especially for Christian weddings.

Tamarindo wedding ceremony best photographers

After the sunset ceremony at the Langosta restaurant there was only a bit of time left for a few images on the beach, before the sun was completely gone. I think not even half an hour and all the images until reception were captured during that short period of time.

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I found this amazing tree which worked great for a few images. It looked as though it was a dragon. It had huge sharp spikes and that provided a nice background to the scene.

best destination wedding photographer Tamarindo beach wedding

When I asked the bride to climb on this branch I didn’t really think she would agree 🙂  This fearless couple was up for anything, which produced a number of very unique images from their destination wedding.

best photography studios tamarindo costa rica destination wedding destination wedding costa rica

The sun was gone, but a gorgeous and colorful glow remained for a few minutes and I took this opportunity to capture a few images on the rocks with the gorgeous sky after the sunset. Sunsets in this area and the whole Guanacaste are often pretty stunning maybe this is why most brides choose to have a beach wedding in Tamarindo. Yet, the Arenal is also popular for who want to host their reception among the beautiful landscapes of the volcano, hot water springs, forests and wildlife.  Both are great and if you book your wedding photographer for more than 1 day, you can travel and take beautiful photos in all of these areas!

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The pool at the Langosta Beach Club wedding receptoin provided an awesome reflection during the dance

best resorts to host wedding reception Costa Ricacosta rica reception pictureslangosta beach club reception  tamarindo wedding fireworks baby turtles Costa Rica beach

I found this baby turtle on the beach along with a few more as sometimes they just crawl/swim not in the right direction. The staff at the restaurant were quick to gather all of them and then let them go into the ocean.

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These cute fellas are always on the road that leads to La Fortuna. I don’t ever remember not seeing them in all my trips to Costa Rica. They hang out by the road and eat anything you give them. And apparently they dance too 🙂

waterfall wedding costa rica costa rica waterfall wedding pictures

Fearless couple was happy to climb the rocks to get these unique “trash the dress” pictures near Arenal volcano in La Fortuna.

best trash the dress photographers trash the dress photography rain wedding costa rica

It rained during the day, but we still got a lot of really cool photos in so many areas in La Fortuna.

trash the dress locations costa rica

This horse farm was near Tabacon Thermal Resort and despite the rain,  we took a number of pictures with them. They were also very curious and would just surround and smell us.

best locations for wedding costa rica los angeles photo studios La fortuna waterfall costa rica

The famous Arenal Waterfall in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

tabacon resort wedding la fortuna waterfall wedding tabacon thermal

Very beautiful waterfall. This is also the time when the bride was bitten by a giant ant…

la fortuna wedding costa rica tabacon grand spa thermal resort arenal wedding

The wildlife in Costa Rica is all around. Monkeys and birds are very common and all you have to do is just raise your head.  All of this is the reason why so many engaged couples choose to come to this beautiful country to get married.

I hope these awesome Arenal and Tamarindo beach wedding pictures can help you in your search of the best Costa Rica wedding photographers to document your destination wedding in Guanacaste Province  or anywhere else in the country.  More pictures and information can also be found on my main website as well: Destination Wedding Photography by Dmitri Markine Please call or send me an email and we can discuss all the details of your once in a lifetime destination wedding in Costa Rica. I would also be happy to travel to any other parts of the world as well. Just visit the website for more samples of my work from 20+ different countries from South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. From traditional 1 day marriages to multi-day South Asian Indian weddings.