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Here are a few images from one of the Toronto engagement sessions of mine.  There are many ways to capture an image and to make it look better. Different styles and techniques will definitely play a big role in what comes out as a final result. Some photographers like a white background,chair and a cheesy smile. Some will avoid this at all costs. Some follow their subjects from a far,like a paparazzi.  Each client chooses their wedding photographer by personal preferences and a similar vision. So where do I fit? I try to concentrate on the bride and groom,but at the same time find the best possible background to compliment the subjects. From my seminars and emails that I receive from other photographers, I am often asked to show how to properly expose the background and the subject.  Shoot in manual. It’s amazing that so many photographers are using auto modes.  Don’t let your camera control your vision!! Manual mode will let you control all aspects of your image.  The key is to correctly expose the background,while in full manual mode. Then light the subject until it is properly exposed. The light can come from different sources: flash,sun,strobe,video light,etc. Always look for the light in any location. Observe the light and learn what it does and how to “work it”. I mostly work with natural light as to me it has something that can be recreated by any artificial light sources.

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