Havana Cuba Destination Wedding Photography Session

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Incredible day-long session in Havana, Cuba. I posted Part 1 which took place in NYC. Please check it out if you haven’t already done so.  This couple has never been here and I was happy to introduce them to Havana and took them to some of my favorite places in the city. Those who have been avoiding Cuba due to food will find a lot of changes that happened in the last couple of years. A lot of restaurants are very decent!  The government allowed private businesses and cities such as Havana, which are popular with tourists, have been flourishing with 100s of new restaurants, bars, guest houses,etc. There’s still no McDonalds in Cuba… and while locals have access to a lot of product and modern technology( I’ve seen locals with iPhones) lives of many is still in its basic state it was around 14 years ago when I first visited Havana, Cuba.   Same old cars everywhere as well!

In the past it was more common for tourists to stay at all-inclusive resorts and then visit the capital by an organized group tour or a private excursion. It all changed! The capital city is thriving with tourists and my guesstimate tourism went up about 10 times( yes..10 times) just in the past 5 years! Streets that were previously empty are now full of popular bars, patios and airbnbs. Lots of weddings as well at a number of newly built 5 star hotels.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Cuba or anywhere else and need a photographer to capture it, please send an email or give me a call to chat a bit more about your needs. 🙂

Here are 40 out of a few hundred images this couple received from their photo session.


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