Ice Hotel Wedding | Hotel De Glace Wedding Photography

Ice Hotel wedding in Quebec

I was very excited when one of my couples said their winter wedding is going to be at the famous Ice Hotel in Quebec.  Hotel De Glace (the official French name) is located a short drive from Quebec City and adjacent to the Valcartier resort.  Every winter the ice hotel is rebuilt from the ground up with new rooms, theme and designs.  Everyone who stays here are given everything they need to “survive” the night and those who can’t can go the Valcartier as you are also provided with a room there, just in case! A truly unique experience and the only of its kind in North America.  If you think one night is tough, there are still people out there who live in igloos(house made of snow/ice) to this day, all winter long! That’s fascinating!

When I got this booking I looked at the venue and saw some images taken at the chapel of the Hotel de Glace and it became obvious that taking photographs is not going to be easy since the chapel where marriage ceremonies are held is dark and lit in a blue/purple light.  And if you are into photography then you know how anything lit with purple is pretty hard to work with.  I do love challenges and from nearly 500 weddings in dozens of countries I learned to deal with pretty much every condition possible: candle lit churches, pouring rain, extreme cold during photo sessions( -27C/-16F), harsh sun shadows at noon with extreme heat(44C/111F) at which cameras simply shut down, and so on.  I was excited and eager to shoot here!

Both bride and groom got ready in the morning and we drove to the Old Quebec for some creative photographs. Due to the cold winter weather, most of the images were taken at the Fairmont Château Frontenac and the area around it.  After the session we drove back to the Ice Hotel for a gorgeous evening ceremony at the candle-lit chapel.  Beautiful evening concluded with the reception, more photos and a great dinner.

If you are engaged and looking for a unique wedding venue, this may be what you are looking for! And if you need a cool photographer to capture those memories, I would be delighted to be your service! 🙂


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