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Toronto wedding photography workshops

It is winter and I held my first wedding photography seminar this year at King Edward hotel in Toronto.  Although it was very last minute, I was happy to see all the spots gone within hours.  Thank you all who’ve attended!! This workshop was geared towards those who wanted to shoot weddings and needed guidance with posing and techniques on how to shoot inside dark venues with the available light and very little use of flash. Light is always a challenge for any photographers and I wanted to show how it is possible to take good photographs in dark spaces by using what you can have, without studio lights and very limited use of flash. I was also guiding them with posing techniques which can be used during real weddings.

We had 2 gorgeous models on the day and 6 amazing wedding gowns from Adele Wechsler’s new Eco Couture IV collection.  I think it is  really cool how some of the dresses are made of 2 pieces and within seconds it is possible to transform a formal gown into a mini skirt, suitable for the evening cocktail reception.

I wasn’t taking many photos, but here are some:

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Toronto Wedding Photography Workshop

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