Best Wedding Photographers in Canada – Photo Life Magazine

best wedding photographers in Canada

I was going to post this on Thursday,but looked at the date and it was April 1st. I figured some would think it’s a joke and I decidedĀ  just wait an extra day šŸ™‚

April-May 2010Ā  issue of Photo life and Photo Solution magazines are out and it’s a feature on 5 best wedding photographers in Canada.Ā  It definitely felt good to represent Toronto & Ontario and be among 4 other great wedding photography studios from all parts of Canada.

I am also happy to mention thatĀ  one of my imagesĀ  is on the cover of Photo Solution Magazine.

Thanks to Valerie Racine & Veronica Gill from Photo LifeĀ  and all my clients who always inspire me! I have the most amazing clients any photographer could hope for. In fact, even many of my wedding photographers’ friends tell me that as they see that spark,love and passion that stands out in all of the images.